You don’t always need to buy your own – RetkiRent

Starting with hiking one might find themselves lost with all the gear and equipment.

Like I’ve said before, our storage is full of thrift shop purchases that no longer meet our increasing demands but now there’s another way to prevent what I like to call hiking gear hoarding.

RetkiRent is a place we us regular Joes can rent and/or loan equipment.

If you need to try out tents or rucksacks, there are plenty of both in the Hiking Gear category. So before you spend your hard earner money, test the product out first! As an apartment building dweller I’m considering renting a kayak since there’s no room to store one.

And if you don’t need your tent all-year-round, loan it to the needy and earn a bit of cash! This way you’re helping an outdoor newbie and they don’t have to spend all their money on new gear.

You can also sell outdoor gear in RetkiRent.

What’s in it for me?

Just to name a few:

  1. Easy and risk-free testing opportunity.
  2. If you go out camping once a year, it’s cheaper to rent a tent instead of buying your own.
  3. Traveling to destination is easier when you have all your gear ready and waiting for you.
  4. Less disposable usage, nature thanks you!

To reiterate: you don’t have to buy all the gear. You can rent them.

So go sign up to RetkiRent and check out what they have to offer for you!

RetkiRent’s Facebook.

Collaboration: Likelygonehiking is collaborating with RetkiRent from May 2017 so you’ll see our photos in their social media outlets. We also intend to use the service vigorously this summer!


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