Safety in the travel business

There’s a few card tricks involved in my studies. They offer us a variety of different certificates because this countryi isn’t anything if not one of certificates.

I like to think I hold the most practical cards of the bunch: First Aid, hygiene pass and the safety certificate (which is there to prevent accidents and improve the quality of travl destinations).

Why one should get a safety certificate?

The one for travel is basically the same thing as a Work safety card. They go through the things people need to know in a crisis/emergency situation plus the good old common sense.

The you nod along as a group, going yeah, people need to be extra dumb to let things like that happen to them. And then the instructor tells you about the worst things that actually happened to people.

But it’s a very handy card to own if you want to work in a ski center, national park or as a sub-contractor for a larger travel company. So even though I’m fairly skeptical about these day-long training sessions, I still urge you to go should the opportunity arrive.



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