This Saturday we celebrate Nature Days again.

We have so much to talk about Nature Days but let’s focus on Saturday, when the theme is spending a night outdoors.

It’s nothing new for us to spend a night out in the wild. But if you’re not so familiar with it, we encourage you to try it out in a safe environment with other rookies.

The theme this year is Fall in love with summer nights.

We plan to spend Saturday by hiking among the fells or to Red Sands, depending on the snow situation up here in the North.

We’ll update our location to Facebook so that you, dear reader, can join us on-site! We’ll be somewhere near Pallas fells.

So if you spending the night outdoors is totally foreign to you, here’s a few helpful tips:

  1. Grab a friend or find new ones from national parks or forest hotels!
  2. Take warm clothes. Finnish summers can be fickle.
  3. Should you be unable to sleep, enjoy the sheer amount of light and have some snacks!

Fall in love with summer nights with us!

Anne and Heikki of Lielygonehiking are ambassadors for Nature Days. The sillier this outdoor business sounds to you, the more you need to experience it personally! No pressure, no obligations, no worries.