On the hiking trails of Himos

Himos invited us to check out their new nature trails.

Diverse terrain, surprises and different landscapes. I like where this is going!

In early June we hiked the 4 km long Peak nature trail in Himos.

We grabbed our friend Jaana along because according to her, she’s pretty unfamiliar with this sort of stuff. So her perspective and feedback were more than crucial.

The trail begins near the Vuorikahvio parking lot but we just had to stop and take in the view atop the Himos ski hill.

The Peak Nature Trail had a pleasant amount of diversity to it.

There’s a sign pointing beyond the ski lifts, to the beginning of the trail.

We have to mention the excellent markings on trees and rocks and twigs. You can’t get lost if you tried.

The trail starts with tranquility and silence in a park-like section with meadows and trees here and there. The path is wide and easy to traverse.

It narrows after a bit towards the middle – some on old ski trails, some on plain narrow footpaths. But then you come to this magical forest path with ascends and descends but I don’t want to spoil too much. I urge you to go see for yourself.

Out of the magic forest and into a wider ski trail with a lean-to on an hill. You can roast sausages or have a few cherries, like we did. From the lean-to it’s an easy walk back to the parking lot.

We recommend this trail to locals and visitors alike!

Even Jaana, a newbie hiker thought she could see herself on an evening walk here.

So fetch a map from the Himos Center reception and go on an adventure! Bring some snacks along because come on, everyone needs snacks.

Other hiking trails in Himos:

Himoshuippu route 6 km
Paljakka 4 km
Sammalsuo route 3,3 km
Kivilaavu route (partially unmarked) 12 km
Route of the tree peaks 8 km

Pick your favourite and get hiking!

Made in collaboration with HimosLomat. They invited us to check out one of their new, freshly marked trails and more on all of them can be found online and from their reception desk. They have everything from fitness to peace-seekers.

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