Fishing trip of the decade in Vonkale

You don’t need to find a sea to fish in. Äänekoski does just fine.

Chance favors the fortunate, first to one place, then to another. An after one thing leading to another, we found ourselves in Accommodation & Fishing Vonkale.

Antti, the founder of Vonkale, had just purchased a fishing raft from the US and asked if we wanted to go on ride on it. Neither of us had any fishing background or wishes to have one but we rarely say no to interesting propositions.

We had an anniversary coming up and we wouldn’t be able to celebrate it, since it’d be a week day so why the hell not!

So on Friday we drove to Äänekoski and arrived at this small cabin. It was so cute! They had really put the square meters into good use in our little Kontu (Shire) hut with its kitchen, bathroom and sauna.


Antti came to say hello on Friday night and we scheduled our next day. He even brought us fresh eggs! Yum! We told him we had zero experience with this but that only brought a smile on his face:

He’s a fishing guide, you see.

On the following morning we had breakfast and headed to the raft. The thing seats 12 people and rides the waves ever so smoothly. With Antti guiding us, we searched for a good fishing spot and threw a line or two. We even had a cup of Joe at the local harbor.

You get all sorts of nice-to-know information when you go fishing with a professional.

We learned that you can color your jigs with a garlic-smelling marker to make it more appealing to the fishes. We talked about different colors and their effects. Naturally we also used sonar to spot the little creatures of the deep.


Our throwing style was a bit off at first but our jigs flew into the right direction soon enough.

Sunday was also a full fishing day.

Vonkale provides all kinds of activities for the whole family

Row boats and the nearby nature trail are both included in the cabin’s lease. They have chickens and sheep as well! The beach sauna is atmospheric and provides nice heat.

Thanks for all the fish?

Well, thanks for one of them, at least. I don’t think it’s considered as self-caught since practically the boat did the catching. But sure, we caught one!


Heikki’s face says it all.

It weighed 4 kilograms.

Will we go there again? Oh yes we will!

In collaboration with Accommodation & Fishing Vonkale.

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