Mountain bike news from Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Now that we’re here, we couldn’t help but overhear.

They announced it just before Midsummer:

Mountain biking is now allowed in all marked summer trails with a few exceptions. This way we maintain the park’s protective values and minimize wear and tear to the terrain.

They’re monitoring the compatibility

National parks are homes to all sorts of activities as long as people keep one another in mind.

If necessary, the guidelines will be altered to better suit the common good.

Mountain biker’s etiquette

  • Trails are in common use and nature belongs to everyone. We keep others in mind.
  • We maintain a controlled velocity.
  • We stay on marked trails and routes. We avoid hard breaks and fragile nature destinations.
  • We leave no trace.
  • We act in compassion to natives, land owners and trail maintenance.
  • We enjoy nature and make use of everyman’s rights.

Trails and exceptions

The best mountain bike trails are those made for them – such as the Ylläs-Levi bike trails. They will be renovating and making more in the future.

Mountain biking is not permitted because of nature preservation and/or safety reasons in Varkaankuru, Palkaskero, Tuomikuru, Pirunkuru or Kellostapulinkuru.

Prohibition signs will be posted this month and marked on maps as soon as possible.

Winter hike routes, a new travel hit

Routes for winter mountain biking and hiking are renovated in collaboration with travel agencies. They have 90 kilometers worth of them planned in Ylläs. However, it’s not permitted to bike on ski trails.

Washing stations for visitor centers

They will include washing stations and maintenance racks to all three visitor centers soon.

All three centers celebrate Nature Days in August 26th by visiting the nearby destination! All are welcome!

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