At Pallaskota hut, pals of national park, part 6

Let’s go back a year one more time.

So from Pyhäkero to Väärtipäivä to indoors and socializing with fellow volunteers. They had been at work at the Pallasjärvi office for a week and our next job would be to paint the buildings at Pallaskota and tidy up the place in general.

Painting was like second nature to us by now and the weather was stunning. Not to mention the severe lack of mosquitoes.

Pallas has two huts, a wilderness one for public use and overnight stay and a reservation one people can book. Should you want to book it, consult the visitor’s center! Our first night was in the courtyard in a tent and we weren’t alone:


Another group of volunteers had started with the reservation hut before us (I think it was an insurance company’s 100 good deeds-escapade) but we finished the job!

In addition to that, we painted the wilderness hut, the log house and the outhouse.

They had just finished shooting the Finnish movie Napapiirin Sankarit 3, where, as a nice-to-know, the protagonist does the Hetta-Pallas hike. I think we simply need to see this one, just because of the location.

We weren’t the only group at work: a couple was painting and renovating in Ylläs and two sisters were remaking the study materials for students. In those materials are a picture of me in a yoga pose and Heikki taking photos! So we’re a permanent thing in their studies now!

After the paint job we did some busy work at the Pallasjärvi office and before we knew it, Friday came and it was time for all of us to head our separate ways. But we knew we’d be back the next summer, so it wasn’t so bad.

Thus concludes the first Lapland volunteer round of 2016 and soon it’s time for 2017! Needless to say, our previous experience did not help us this time around!

Say hi to our 2016 volunteer group:


In August through September of 2016 we were volunteering at Pallas-Ylläs National Park. We applied a new coat of paint to several huts and other buildings, first in Hetta’s Pyhäkero and later around the vicinity of Pallaskota. Everything involving this particular experience can be found under the tag National Park Volunteers. That and The earlier adventure aka our first Lapland hike can be found here.

We’re heading back on June 2017 to clean up around the place and photograph the Ounastunturi fell area.


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