Reader’s trek with Rinkkaputki

“It’s best not to ask too many questions.”

Said Johanna, who joined us as volunteers in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park after I asked her if all the changes in plans bothered her.

How to be a part of this amazing journey?

We asked you, our dear readers, on our Rinkkaputki Facebook, in early Spring if some of you would like to join our volunteer period. Our contact person Ritva had suggested that we could bring co-pals along.

We received lots of interest and we had a whole list going until, as it tends to do, things changed in both ends. The final amount of people they were allowed to take was decreased and you know, life happens. So we directed the rest to sign up for the Metsähallitus volunteer newsletter.

So be fast! The best spots are coveted currency!

We’ll do this again next year! Follow us for more info!

So how did it go?

You can never know in advance but as I’m reading my little notebook, I see how much the original plans changed and how well we adapted to it. The plan that never came to fruition was to paint and tidy up the Hannukuru area.

So it turned to carrying twigs with an ATV from a research facility, tanning and painting mark poles, fixing mole study fences and tidying up wilderness huts.

We first met Johanna on the Pakasmaa courtyard and it was love at first sight, so to speak. We’d get along just fine.

Accommodation was arranged, as per usual, beautifully. All us volunteers in the same courtyard with a common sauna in our use. Everyone got their own room with me and Heikki spending the night in a tent.


There’s one thing that just can’t be avoided. When you come here once, you’ll definitely come again.

Evening activities

Near the Pallasjärvi office resided the Pyhäjoki nature trail which you can use to get to Pallas Visitor Center.

But impromptu samba parties, while not constant, are delightful surprises.

Pallas Visitor Center and Hotel Pallas are excellent places to visit. Pallas-Hetta hike trail and the Taivaskero route both start there. Don’t forget to visit Tunturi-Lappi Visitor Center in Hetta and Kellokas in Ylläs.

You can get far by just walking around here. Or as the locals call it: idle wander.

The local convenience store in Raattama is a hidden gem. They carry everything one could ever need and nothing more. Should you need more services, head to Muonio.

We’ve loved our time here on the Pallasjärvi lakefront!


Thank you Johanna, for joining us on this wonderful adventure. We hope this reaches you and that you come again next year!


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