Geocaching gets you going

Approximately three years ago me and my friends and I were having dinner, talking about the opera we’d just seen when the conversation turned to geocaching.

Apparently there was a cache nearby and you could reach it on high heels.

I had created a username to a geocaching website eight years prior, in my own curious way, with no preexisting information or experience. The time had come to join the high heel hikers and take a peek behind the corner. Before long we found a black box and away we went.

I started gradually, taking my time, learning the ropes

A cache a day seemed like a good pace – for the first few weeks. I had found 100 caches in 65 days and 200 after only 19 more.

As I’m typing this, I’ve found over 6000 caches from 244 domestic municipalities and 35 states.

All it took to get the ball rolling was a website and a mobile app. And a whole bunch of Ikea pencils in every bag and pocket.

You can easily start this hobby with just these items but like with all hobbies, one can take it further. Before I knew it, the two-meter extendable ladder wasn’t enough. You have your magnetic arms, grappling arms, extendo-rods and steel wires.

A rope, a harness and their accessories appeared in my arsenal after we had completed the How to ascend and descend safely crash course.

I spotted wading pants on sale. Buying a boat and a bigger car are mere humorous thoughts…so far.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d feel a desperate need in the woods to get to a Biltema store. Not to mention going out in public with twigs in my hair. Or owning another pair of pants save for my gym clothes.

So what is it about geocaching?

A lot of things. They are everywhere so it’s easy to do while traveling. We’ve seen so many beautiful destinations we never would’ve visited had it not been for geocaching. Abandoned beaches at the end of small roads, moss-covered monuments and peculiar museums.

You often find a breath-taking view behind a shrubbery you usually just pass by.

Geocaching gets you going, gets you outside to cities and to the wild. It also helps you overcome your personal obstacles. We’ve done day trips in the archipelagos and nature parks, ice hikes under the Spring sun and Summer drives on Finnish roads. I’ve been on all fours under a highway in a concrete pipe, swam in a culvert, waded in knee-high snow, pushed the car in the mud and had my fair share of cuts and bruises.

On the other hand, I’ve also visited behind the corned in high heels for a “quickie”.

It’s all worth it when you eventually hear that “Found it!”


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