The call to tidy up the Keimiöjärvi day hut

One afternoon after we’d cleaned up a bunch of twigs, they asked us to check on Mustakero wilderness hut and Keimiöjärvi day hut.

So we did.

The weather was humid and the first three kilometers were on the side of a road. I might’ve strongly suggested that we should’ve driven the car at the start of the trail or taken the nature path.

It was me, my brother, Heikki and Möykky. Our hike doggie fought a good fight when traveling with us and with about 10 kilometers per day, he was fine.

The trail started from the side of Pallaksentie and began descending the Lommoltunturi fell.


Lommoltunturi is a twin peak fell and the trail went below both of them towards the Hevosenlaet hill where we stopped to admire the view.

Mustakero wilderness hut didn’t require that much tidying up but unfortunately someone had left obsolete gas stove instructions on-site. Mustakero doesn’t have one these days but there’s plenty of firewood and room for three people to stay the night. We had lunch there.

It was drizzling the whole way from Mustakero to Keimiöjärvi but fortunately it’s not that far of a hike. But the branches and twigs on both sides seemed to hinder our progress.


It seems this trail needs more hikers.

It’s part of the Tunturi-Lappi Voyage between Pyhäjoki and Keimiöntunturi fell.

In it’s entirety the Voyage goes all the way from Ylläs to Rauhala to Pallas to Hetta and is 124 kilometers long. They have a bunch of collaborative entrepreneurs on the way to help you out so you don’t have to carry a heavy rucksack.

At the Keimiöjärvi hut we didn’t start cleaning until  the following morning

Upon arriving on-site we were soaked. We fired up the stove and hung our clothes up to dry and enjoyed the stunning view. Again. On the opposite side of the lake lay Keimiötunturi.

There wasn’t too much of a mess here either, because hikers tend to be smart. The only gripe I have with some people is that they make their own campfires all over the yard when there’s a perfectly good firepit for exactly that reason.

We took a few photos of the hut and its surroundings and started our way back. This time the weather smiled upon us so we took our time.

In August through September of 2016 we were volunteering at Pallas-Ylläs National Park. We applied a new coat of paint to several huts and other buildings, first in Hetta’s Pyhäkero and later around the vicinity of Pallaskota. Everything involving this particular experience can be found under the tag National Park Volunteers. That and The earlier adventure aka our first Lapland hike can be found here.

We’re heading back on June 2017 to clean up around the place and photograph the Ounastunturi fell area.


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