Flying in Haikankärki!

One August evening I arranged a surprise trip for Heikki!

This wasn’t my first time in Haikankärki but Heikki had never heard of it. I told him nothing in advance so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise.

Nowadays we have a DJI Spark, a small drone perfect for hiking! We’ve also tackled the short battery life by purchasing spares. So far it’s been more rehearsing than executing but you can find a few videos on YouTube already.

When you’re shooting drone footage, be aware of others around you – the drone emits a noise that will distract people from enjoying their nature experience. Even if you’re in an area where flying a drone isn’t prohibited, keep good manners and common sense in mind.

If you own a drone or are considering buying one, download the Droneinfo app – it shows you flying spots and Trafi instructions. And again, keep other people in mind.

Summassaari Island and the Stone Age Village

On with the show!

Summassaari Island is located in Saarijärvi, which is 60 kilometers from Jyväskylä. They have a spa hotel built in 1968.

They’ve also have excavations all the way from the Stone Age but we skipped it this time around. From what I’ve read, they’ve managed to preserve the authenticity quite well with the replica of a Stone Age village. In summertime you can attend guided tours around the place, row a boat made of a single piece of wood and have a go at a stone axe!

But that day we focused on Haikanniemi and Haikankärki.


From the hotel parking lot you can access the path towards Haikanniemi with little to no risk of getting lost. But you can always use a map app on your phone (Google Maps, Retkipaikka or any of them). It’s a straight line toward southeast.


Haikanniemi is a beautiful ridge with benches here and there to make sure the not-so-surefooted can also come here.

It gradually narrows down to what is called Haikankärki.


Haikankärki, I’m sad to say, will probably be partially underwater in the near future. The harsh ice of winter has shoved the terrain and the trees so badly that most of it is in danger of falling down into the water.


In wintertime the far end creates a large ice ridge which would be a sight to see. A quick googling revealed some pretty breathtaking view.

The closer to the far end we got, the more beautiful the scenery was over the lake.

At the very end there’s a beach and I noticed it goes on for quite a while under the surface. I was wearing my wellington’s but thanks to the winds I almost got my feet wet anyway. But I did go in, even if just a little bit.


Haikanniemi and Haikankärki are both conservation areas and still we found charred logs there. Which is extremely unfortunate and frankly moronic. Haikanniemi has a campsite for just such activity but I’d avoid open fire in such a unique location altogether. Eat a sandwich if you’re so damn hungry.

We got lucky and there were virtually no one else there. So we got to fly our drone in peace.

A video from the trip:

A small bonus was when we ran into Juha-Pekka, who is the photographer behind the 2016’s Nature Photo of the Year! I fangirled, hard. Thank god Heikki was cool enough to give him our calling card and say something sensible.












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