Kayaking in Southern Konnevesi

This May we were supposed to go kayaking in Souther Konnevesi National Park with my classmates.

But we didn’t, thanks to late spring this year. The whole thing was still frozen.

But the landscape of Southern Konnevesi made an impression and I decided that I need to return one day.

Because the concept of kayaking is fairly unfamiliar to me, I got to know it in a few different occasions. I found Sunday kayaking brochures online in Tampere, arranged by Four Seasons Outdoors.

Our trainer Kimmo was calm and kind yet assertive in his leadership, which made the few hour experience that much more enjoyable. This lit a fire under my butt to book a weekend trip in Southern Konnevesi.

We embarked on our journey on a July morning from Tampere and met up with the rest of the group on-site. Our merry bunch consisted of five adults and one child. We started our trip from Port Hanhitaipale.

Konnevesi threw its best at us right from the begininng: sunshine, a cloud here and there, a light breeze and a view from a travel magazine.


We took our time to learn the ways of the vessels and at least for me it was the first time steering a kayak with a rudder attached. And it was awesome! It was a smooth and effortless ride with plenty of time to take in the scenery.

The Konnevesi archipelago is a maze of its own with rocks, beaches and pretty forests with an occasional summer house here and there. So it’s the perfect place for a rookie kayak rider.

Kaituri lean-to

We took lunch at the Kaituri lean-to, which was just renovated and in tip top condition. Our journey continued towards Enonranta which is located in the mainland adjacent to the Route of Three Hills.

Because the night was young and weather permitted, we chose to soldier on to Navettasaari Island where we’d stay the night. Along the way we came across plenty of osprey nests with the mother warning us not to advance closer.


This was a lovely little island with a lean-to and an outhouse. We had the whole place to ourselves as well. After a hot day in the sun it felt so great to jump in the water to cool off. We made dinner and just enjoyed nature.


After an early morning in addition to a more than active day we didn’t have to wait for sleep for long.

Sunshine woke us the following day for breakfast and soon enough we were on our way again. The lake was so very still. It’s hard to describe the view, you just have to witness it yourself. We gradually glided on the lake surface and passed by beautiful summer houses and beaches.


We got back to the port in the afternoon where we all went our separate ways. But we all agreed that this trip was totally worth it and that Southern Konnevesi is a sight for sore eyes.

I personally loved that we had a professional guiding us. This sport is completely new to me and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing this on my own.

I also realized that navigating the maze that was the archipelago was no easy task and required a lot of concentration. And frankly, I’m not that good at going on a trip with a bunch of strangers but I’m glad I did.

And yes, the kayak bug did bite me and I can’t wait for more!




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