Mountainbiking in Kaldoaivi

Our brand new member of the Guest Pen family, Johanna tells you guys about her adventures in Kalvoaivi today!

We spent the hottest day of the summer on mountainbikes in the Kaldoaivi Wilds.

We decided to take the ATV tracks from Pulmankijärvi to Kaldoaivi. It was a gradual uphill in the beginning, going through woods and stuff but the higher we got, the fewer trees we saw and the more of the landscape we got to witness. The tracks serpented the fells and every now and then you got to see extremely far.


As you can imagine, atop the fells the view was breathtaking, to put it mildly. You could see the lakes and snow-tipped mountains in the distance.

The ATV tracks are perfectly suited for mountain bikes but one needs to keep a sharp eye on it on the account of rocks. This time around we were on regular full-suspension bikes but the next time the plan is to give fatbikes a chance.

It became clear at the very start that we weren’t alone. We had plenty of mosquitoes and blackflies to keep us company.

Bug season is no stranger to us but this was ridiculous. We rode all the way to Goallagotteaivi and back in one day, so 60 kilometers.

Gear for a day trip such as this

In addition to the essential drinking water and food supplies, we also brought along bike repair kits such as spare inner tubes and whatnot.

We refilled our liquids from the fell creeks since we consumed multiple liters of the stuff.

The water necessary for preparing lunch was ready to go in a thermos. A few sandwiches and energy gels and/or bars plus the ultimate energy source: a salami stick.

The idea was to pack as light as possible.

The plan: return to Kaldoaivi as soon as possible!

The next time we plan to take sleepover equipment along and possibly check out the Junker wreckage, Aatu Oak and the waterfall and then continue to Mieraslompola.

A short burst like this into the barrens feels so good and you can’t help but to crave for more.

Fall colors and winter time snow are already clear in my mind.

So who are we?

We are two mountainbike ladies from Muurame, Middle Finland. On regular weekdays we tend to ride on local trails but the highlight of every year is a longer escapade into the Finnish North.

This year we visited Syöttee, Kaldoaivi Wilds, Saariselkä, Pyhä and Vuokatti.


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