Superwood – a different sort of festival

What would a sleepover for grownups look like? We headed to Vuosaari, Helsinki to find out.

Another weekend indoors but in a pretty peculiar setting.

I hadn’t heard of this festival at all, to be honest and upon inspecting the performance list I felt more than fish out of water. But I wanted to give it a chance. After all, we were VIP guests, thanks to Tuomas from Korpimaan Kyynel.

A little backstory: Heikki loves to take photos and every now and then a Korpimaan Kyynel bottle makes its way in front of his lens. And so began a beautiful partnership.


We arrived in Helsinki on Friday accompanied by a thick fog. After checking in we found our way to the cellar bar to have a glass or two of Forest Soup. I’m not entirely sure what the ingredients were, aside for the obvious but it did taste like its namesake, in a good way.

The evening went on and it was a bit of an adventure for us: scouring the place for new and exciting performances and even taking part in an hour-long photo session with a professional. The whole hotel was reserved for festival-goers.

They even had the auditorium booked for bands and stuff!


I know, but it worked!

We hit the hay at midnight on Friday, thanks to the long an tiring car ride.

Every festival should have an ocean view

The following morning we headed to shore. The Rantapuisto Hotel is located in Vuosaari and its shore bathes in the morning sun like golden grain.


The hotel sauna was busy, the sun kept shining and the horizon was misty.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of festivals. Superwood, however, intrigued me with its oddities and as I found out, it was everything it said it would be.

A Twin Peaks-like cabin weekend, sleepover for grownups.

The location, the hotel’s long history as a bank training center, the architecture and blasts from the past… vegan food galore in a dining hall with large windows showcasing the forest.

We spent Saturday afternoon listening to lectures (where was everyone?! They deserved a lot more listening ears, people!) and participated in the Woodtour, which meant walking around the perimeter listening to masterfully lit performances.

The food, the atmosphere, the music around us, everything took us to a whole new, maybe even a magical set of mind, where we were all winners, even if for a while.

After this wild ride of a weekend I couldn’t help but wonder: could my life be exactly as I wanted it to be? Could I combine nature, culture and experiences with inspiration and passion?

I’m arranging an event for April 2018. Could it recreate that sense of wonder I felt here?


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