The world’s deepest lake and Siberian sunsets

Siberia beckons in March! This post was made in collaboration with JuriS Travel.

So Heikki, the lucky bastard, is going on a tour skating photography hike in Lake Baikal with JuriS Travel travel agency.


How does that sound? At least you’d get some epic travel shots with Heikki tagging along!

The next description is a quote from JuriS home page:

March 1st to March 9th 2018

Experience the Ice of Lake Baikal. Cold Siberian winter, has made the ice over one meter thick. Tough winds have blown the snow away and spring sun made the day longer and warmer. During our tour, you will experience the ice in many ways by foot, by car and by skates. We will see pack ice caves on rocky shores, magical ice sculptures within transparent ice and the Taiga forest of Siberia. Get to know local cultures and food traditions.

Enjoy the Siberia in early spring.

Watch the trailer of In the Forests of Siberia about a Frenchman who escaped the loud city streets to Baikal.

Should this sound interesting and intriguing, you get a 50 euro discount if you use the code ANHE. Book your trip at

Photos by JuriS Travel


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