UKK Hike, day 2: What goes around, comes around

After a good night’s sleep we made breakfast in the Suomunruoktu hut.

A park maintenance guy drove past on an ATV and stopped to say hi and let us know what’s happening with fellow hikers in other huts. I consider this a big plus, caring about us and being interested in out plans.

Day 2: Suomunruoktu-Tuiskukuru 13 kms

The weather kept its showery nature and with it, the terrain remained wet. My boots were soaked through and through with the busted film but that didn’t slow us down. Good-fitting boots don’t chafe even when wet.

Not to mention my gleeful mood was too much for any depressing thoughts to break through, taking in the wilderness with both my lungs and my eyes.

The more glamorous shots of the day were her, between the Aitaoja campsite and Salonlampi lean-to. Suomujoki River roared between the rock walls.

I love map lichen. Can’t get enough of them. Let alone the lingering traces of Fall Colors – you know, when the Forest King Tapio’s lover Mielikki threw her scarves all around the woods.

A  bunch of other details and wonders caught my eye but not my phone camera that day. That is precisely why we had Heikki with us.

Salolampi lean-to

We took a break in Salolampi, a lovely spot near the pond. We heard a loud, almost growl-like noise multiple times and my imagination already deemed it to be a bear. But most likely it was just a bird or some kind.


We continued towards Tuiskukuru, that noise still haunting us a little bit. The view was amazing.

Surprise blind date in Tuiskukuru

As we approached the hut, we saw two figures emerge from the woods. What the… Minna and Vesa!

We carpooled from Middle Finland to Kiilopää and they left on their hike a few hours before we did. Minna’s knee, however, didn’t agree with her and they had to turn back.

So we spent the evening in the hut, making dinner and talking.


And talk we did. Minna and Vesa are basically my mentors when it comes to hiking and camping. They’ve also been grading my performances. Minna and Elina have held fell hike classes for women here in Kiilopää and will be again next Fall!

Come nightfall, we crawled into our tents, happy and tired.




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