UKK hike, day 3: Navigational errors and tight spaces

On the third day we didn’t cover that much distance. We wanted to relish the view.

We enjoyed our breakfast in Tuiskukuru and Minna and Vesa started heading in the opposite direction, toward Suomunruoktu.

Our destination was Lake Luirojärvi, where the plan was to spend two nights and visit the top of Sokosti.

Day 3: Tuiskukuru – Luirojärvi 8 kms

The trail picked up uphill behind the Tuiskukuru hut, which looked very lovely from above, I got to say. You should always remember to spare a look back every now and then.

Even the sun decided to show itself early in the day!

The path from Tuiskukuru to Luirojärvi goes straight east, through the woods into the rocky valleys between Ampukankaanvaara and Ampupäät. Here’s where we made a slight navigational error, on the account of getting lost in the incredible view in front of us.

We took a path, that to the untrained eye might look popular and beaten but upon closer inspection, was not the main trail.

This one would eventually be a dead end and we’d have to return to the actual trail either by following the river or heading straight north.

But alas, the path didn’t end. It was just drawn that way in the map. It merely took a detour down south and apparently a whole lot of people had done the same mistake over the years.

We, quite literally, followed the river, hiking in it. The water was so low, we had no problem doing so.

So this error wasn’t a fatal one. We did, however, decided to pay closer attention to the map next time.

Crossing the stream offered very little difficulty, as we hopped from rock to rock and settled on the other side to have lunch.

It started to rain in the middle of our hearty meal but it didn’t lower our spirits one bit. We grabbed our bags and crossed the Luusuanvaara hills. Right before the Luirojärvi camping area there was another stream, which on the map was marked down as “needs wading” but they’d built a bridge across. I assume it’s a recent addition?


After running around the camping area, we peeked inside the sauna and all the huts. The first thing you’ll see coming from Tuiskukuru, is the Kuusela Reservation Hut and behind that, the sauna and beyond that, the wilderness hut and reservation hut.

Beyond the “courtyard”, there’s a hut that goes by the name Rajankämppä you can spend the night in, should the regular wilderness hut be full.

Raappana’s Turf Hut

We pitched our tents and had a snack and decided to go on a little adventure to find Raappana’s Turf Hut. I figured it would be right next to the camping area but it took us a while to get there.

You see, right next to the camping area, is a maintenance building (not open for the general public). We visited the yard made a few jokes about the TV-antennas on top of the building – a real entertainment center in the middle of nowhere, right?

The path crawled adjacent to Lake Luirojärvi – lingonberries were still good and Elina picked a good amount to add into our breakfast porridge.

So, what was this “Raappana’s Kammi”? It’s basically a Hobbit hole. I felt a touch of claustrophobia inside it but it does have all the necessities: a fireplace and a simple wooden bed. There’s even a campfire spot and an outhouse nearby.


A perfect choice for a more extreme hiker!

Upon returning to base camp we had dinner in the Rajankämppä, since it was empty. We’d fire up the sauna the next day. The night dragged on until 10 PM and we decided to sleep in the following day.

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