Winter sunset atop Mäyrävuori

Jääskelä nature trail is one of the more popular destinations in Jyväskylä.

But a more obscure place is the hill right next to it, called Mäyrävuori (Badger Mountain). The path up there can easily be missed if one’s not careful. But once you find it, it’ll be worth it.

Backtrack about 200 meters from the Jääskelä trail parking lot, past the intersection where it says Mäyrävuori on the map.

The path can be seen on the west side of the road, an itty bitty footpath uphill. But don’t take the bigger one, or you’ll miss the view.

Go past and over the boulders until you come across an S-shaped tree. You can rest on it if you like.

And before you know it, you’ll be on top. Tread lightly, it’s a bit of a fall!

Mäyrävuori deosn’t have a place for a campfire so either pack a ready-made lunch or go to the one on Jääskelä Nature Trail.


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