DYI for trekking, part 2: top and bottom for your trek stove

Does your stove clank around in your rucksack? Or does that second cup of coffee get cold in the pot?

Well no more! Crocheting and felting wool is an easy way to make a cover for your coffee/tea pot. It not only prevents excess noise but keeps your brew warm. While you’re at it, make a pot bottom as well.

You need four different stitches: a chain stitch, hidden stitch, a solid stitch and a half stitch. The last one isn’t totally necessary and can be replaced with a solid stitch.

If you don’t remember how to crochet, see this helpful link.

Our trek stove is a cheap knock-off with a wind shield, two kettles, a pan and a tea  pot. These instructions are adaptable for all sorts of stoves and pots, though.

What you need for the tea cozy and bottom:

Basic RGB

  1. felt wool thread 100g
  2. crochet hook no. 6

You also need marseille soap or soft soap (regular soap should suffice for the felting) bubble wrap (not mandatory) and a washing machine if you want to do the felting in it.

I did both by hand.

How to make the tea cozy:

1st layer: Crochet 6 chain stitches and combine as a loop with a hidden stitch.
2nd layer: Make one chain stitch to move to the next layer. Crochet 12 solid stitches in the loop. End the layer by making a hidden stitch in the chain stitch.
3rd layer: Make



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