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Yours truly, Anne and Heikki

P.S. You can find all posts translated in Finnish here: rinkkaputki.com. Rinkkaputki and Likely Gone Hiking are sister sites and the content is practically the same.

P.P.S. So just to be clear, everything you see here is translated from Anne’s Finnish blog posts to English by Heik.. – I mean me. Unless it’s originally by me, which is Heikki. Which means I’ve done the job of two people. So.. yeah. //Heikki

Guest writers

If you are interested in nature and hiking, you don’t want to start your own blog just yet and you are still interested in writing, please contact us! We have already few guest writers and you are welcome to join us, if you have content suitable for our blog.

Our guest writers so far:

Ulla Keituri is a photography enthusiast from Jyväskylä and a frequent flier in Likely Gone Hiking / Rinkkaputki Airlines. She’s especially passionate about night photography and excels in atmospheric tent shots. More from her can be found on her Instagram and Twitter.


Photo by Ulla Keituri Photography

Anna Laakso calls herself a numerically middle-aged hiker who fuels on nearby locations and dares to venture farther from time to time. The fellowship is completed by the Cartographer and Paw Patrol.


Photo by Anna Laakso

Sonja Turkia is a pixie princess nearing 40. Her lifelong mission is to produce as much beauty into the world as she possibly can, whether it is in shape of car maintenance, baking or robotics. Accompanied by her best friend and husband, who will bravely take on any challenge. Sometimes they even include their teenager!


Photo by Jukka Turkia