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100 Nights Outdoors

I took it upon myself to take on the 100 nights outdoors challenge, inspired by the blog with the same name. So during the course of a year I’m going to spend a bunch of nights outside – be it in a tent, hammock, lean-to or a balcony/porch. I’ll keep you guys in the loop but for maximum experience, follow us on Instagram @rinkkaputki.

The ABCs of building a lean-to

Now it might sound like a choir but it’s a lot of fun!

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Mikonniemi lean-to

The night in Muuratsalo didn’t offer too many surprises. Unless you count the car almost getting stuck in snow, the sudden overcast weather, a fallen sledge in the woods and a broken headlamp.

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Not your typical wilderness hut

Last Fall a conversation started in the Outdoor Sisters Facebook group. We hadn’t had a get together near Jyväskylä.

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Hiking plan of 2017

I only have dim lines in my calendar. In other words, I have plenty of plans but few dates set. Continue reading “Hiking plan of 2017”

New Year’s Resolution 2017

Are you afraid of the dark? Continue reading “New Year’s Resolution 2017”

The list of all lists

Let’s think back all the way to last Winter. You’ll remember that’s when we spent our first snowy night outdoors. So here’s the gear list for that trip!

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The best headrest is a clean conscience

Do you sleep well in your own bed at home? How about under the stars, listening to wolf howls and bears sniffing at your feet? Continue reading “The best headrest is a clean conscience”

An exciting night in Lammakesuo

I’m not a 100% certain this place even exists anymore since the last time we were there, we had to flee from a deforesting machine.
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16/100: A food voyage to Kuorejärvi

Mmmm, food.

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20/100: All Saints’ Day at Vuorilampi

Next to Vuorilampi pond, in Huhtasuo Jyväskylä, there’s the Huhtakarpalo lean-to. This is where we decided to test out our winter gear. 

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14/100 Nights outdoors, testing the underwear

At first I considered this cheating.

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17/100: Forest fire and a man overboard

I decided to host client events for my friends throughout the year as practice, or more like as a reward for my success in school. This first night turned out to be pretty damn exciting!
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