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hetta-pallas hike

We took on the Pallas-Hetta hike (from Hetta to Pallas) in early June 2016. We chose the Hetta-Sioskuru-Tappuri-Hannukuru-Nammalakuru-Pallas route. We’ll be presenting the hike in small portions of ten posts. I’ll also be talking about the gear choices we made for this trip. Everything concerning the hike can be found by using the identifier hetta-pallas hike. If there’s anything you’d like to know about a specific destination or if a certain part engages your attention, please don’t hesitate to comment! We’re happy to tell you more.

Pal of the National Park, part 3

Wednesday and Thursday were work days!

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Lapland summer – heat or snowfall?

It was our first time beyond the polar circle.

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Stormy nights of Hannukuru

I didn’t want to wake Heikki up just yet. After a day’s worth of harsh winds, the sun began to shine.

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My first Fell

The Ounastunturi part of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is generally considered lesser known to the public. Nevertheless, the towering Pyhäkero is what starts the whole hike when going from Hetta to Pallas.

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Breakfast atop Jyppyrä

Right before Summer and right before our Hetta-Pallas hike we spent the night in Hetta and because we didn’t think of breakfast arrangements beforehand, we hiked to the vista point and hut of Jyppyrä to enjoy porridge and coffee. Continue reading “Breakfast atop Jyppyrä”

Hetta-Pallas hike, part 7

We took off early in the morning from the over-crowded Nammalakuru wilderness hut. Continue reading “Hetta-Pallas hike, part 7”

There’s no such thing as a free meal

Warning! A list ahead! And a heads up about the slowly fragmenting illusion of a hardened pro-hiker that my writing might’ve created. Continue reading “There’s no such thing as a free meal”

Hetta-Pallas hike, part 6: Overcoming Salomo

As I mentioned in part 5, our hike from Hannukuru to the Suaskuru shelter was, though snowy, manageable. It was windy and the snowfall was pretty fierce but we came out the other end fairly dry.

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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 5: Salomo’s Bell Tolls

So we stayed in Hannukuru for two nights and even though the plan was to climb Outtakka, the rising snowstorm

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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 4: From Tappuri to Hannukuru

We bid farewell to the Tappuri hut as the trail went on towards Hannukuru. We heard they had a sauna over there, so we couldn’t wait to replenish our body and soul in its warmth.
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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 3: Tappuri Hut

After enjoying breakfast at Sioskuru and checking the map one more time, we decided to pay a visit to two destinations a kilometer off the main trail: Tappuri hut and the reindeer separation area of Kaarremarasto. But it was worth every muddy step.
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Arrangements for the Hetta-Pallas hike

Since we joined the get-around-by-car club earlier this year, we unsurprisingly drove to Lapland.
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