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The Death Pit Mystery

At the Middle Finland Nature Museum it struck. The thirst for knowledge.

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Springtime Laajis

A spring evening atop Laajavuori.

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20/100: All Saints’ Day at Vuorilampi

Next to Vuorilampi pond, in Huhtasuo Jyväskylä, there’s the Huhtakarpalo lean-to. This is where we decided to test out our winter gear. 

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13/100: Ex tempore trip to Kiviönniemi on a week day

Sometimes a plan unfolds so quickly that a few days after everything happened, you’re like “whaaaaaat?”. Continue reading “13/100: Ex tempore trip to Kiviönniemi on a week day”

Sippulanniemi Nature Trail

This particular nature trail of Jyväskylä is especially in these days. There are three things I love about the trail and you can feel the divide between classes when the path goes adjacent to a golf course. Continue reading “Sippulanniemi Nature Trail”

Sunbathing on Red Sand

Punainenhiekka (The Red Sand) is a long beach at the Southern edge of Pallasjärvi Lake. Like the name suggests, the sand is red in color, making it stand out from the rest of the paler beaches along what is often referred to as The Sea of Lapland.

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At the edge of the sky

Volunteering in a National Park, in addition to hard work, contains some serious hiking.

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A hammock might as well be pink

This time, our guest writer is Sonja, who tells us about conquering those mental obstacles  that surround starting a new hobby like hiking. We’re honored to be a part of the story! //Anne

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The magic of Äijänniemi

There are no proper instructions on how to get to the Äijänniemi (Dude Peninsula) lean-to but experience taught us not to take the little trail along the lakeside. Continue reading “The magic of Äijänniemi”

Family trip to Nyrölä

The featured image by Jukka Turkia.

We revisited the Nyrölä Nature Trail in July. Continue reading “Family trip to Nyrölä”

Nyrölä Nature Trail

A hot day in July was the perfect time to visit the Nyrölä Nature Trail. Continue reading “Nyrölä Nature Trail”

100 nights of practice

Ok, so I read about this awesome challenge and because the idea of spending 100 nights outdoors fascinates me, I thought to myself: “Don’t worry! Just do it!” You can never spend too many nights outside, right? Continue reading “100 nights of practice”

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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