Likely Gone Hiking

Moments from near and far



Wilderness and nature guide degree

Wilderness and nature guide degree is formed from five parts.

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All those tweeters look alike

Part of my wilderness guide studies is knowing your nature stuff. Obviously.

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Safety in the travel business

There’s a few card tricks involved in my studies. They offer us a variety of different certificates because this countryi isn’t anything if not one of certificates.

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On free waters

A false sense of security.

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Fetch a stretcher!

The Finnish Red Cross turns 140 years today. The theme for the following week will be “Know how to help”.

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Birdwatching is the best!

I never even suspected it would be boring.

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The trials of Salamajärvi National Park

Last week I took part in a school winter hike in Salamajärvi National Park.

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Chirpy chirp!

I swear I’m going to lose my mind. All these little birds sound exactly the same!

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Tenting in front of a snowblower

How does one pitch a tent in a 33 meters per second wind? And how does one try this out in Jämsä?

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A three course meal over an open fire

We’re learning about cooking on an open fire and fortunately the school also provides test subjects for us.

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Winter nets

It is an honor to introduce our new guest pen: Teemu of Savitaipale! //Anne Continue reading “Winter nets”

16/100: A food voyage to Kuorejärvi

Mmmm, food.

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Moments from near and far


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Moments from near and far


Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far


Moments from near and far

Likely Gone Hiking

Moments from near and far


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